Karol Rosa was born the 21st of July in Arecibo Puerto Rico. With an always-radiant smile on her face and pearly brown skin inherited from her country shape a unique personality! Tenderness and kindheartedness always impress her fans and friends.

“Being the best implies lots of hard work to get there” Karol always applies her family’s philosophy to every task she performs. When she was 16 years old, she decided to enter in a Modeling Agency – the results were immediate and her family was amazed. Professional photographers were enthralled with her pretty face. International Beauty and Health firms were attracted by her youth and candor, and currently appoint her as an expressive figure.

She graduated as Pharmacy Technician from the Puerto Rican Colegio Nacional de Arecibo and worked during two years in her professional carrier.

The KVL Models Connection Modeling Agency turned out Karol Rosa outlook; the worldwide Sabado Gigante TV Show conducted by the dynamic Don Francisco gave her an opportunity. Karol is a model and interacts with the audience in Sabado Gigante since 2002. This international window promotes to invite her to participate in commercials, conduct important events, making personal presentations to sign autographs globally. Daring, self-confidence, experience, scenario dominance, and kind with the audience, Karol is preparing new artistic quest, Acting and Singing!

Karol Rosa knows how to come out in several outward appearances she has decided to explore. Human improvement, intellectually and aesthetically, is important for a famous person who becomes a model for children and teenagers.

Teenagers motivate Karol Rosa all the time. She is always looking to be in contact with the audience participating in events promoting values and principles. Karol is currently involved with the Ronald Mc Donald House, which supports children needing organ transplants. Children from all over the world! The most recent dinner event was organized by Karol for the Ronald Mc Donald House residents last Thursday, September, She spent some time with them and fount out some special cases.

Karol will participate as the Ronald Mc Donald House “Special Celebrity” in Miami next October the "Street Extreme Miami", where she is now inviting the community to join her to make some handicrafts for children with can taps that children come along with to the event. This can taps will be later interchanged with private companies by funds for the Association.

In 2008 Karol made a Movie with Spanish singer Julio Iglesias Jr. Name The Music Of You she play the lead role of Esperanza the movie was release in Spain. Also in 2006 made a swimsuit Calendar with International acceptance and sold over 50 thousand copies in les that 2 months a top seller for Latin Market of Calendars.

Karol is Now The Brand Ambassador for Rafaella and Laundry by Shelli Segal Clothing line from the prestigious Perry Ellis International Brand.